Liquid egg yolk with a long shelf life

An egg product that consists of egg yolk with added preservatives, doubling or tripling the product’s shelf life, depends on the packaging format.
Indoor (barn) eggs are collected from the various poultry farms and transported to our production facility in premium sanitary conditions. They are then stored, broken, pasteurised and packed. Egg yolks are prepared by breaking and separating the yolks and whites of fresh hen's eggs, after which they are pasteurised, packaged in the desired packaging and refrigerated (0° to 4°). In addition to guaranteeing food safety (no salmonella), the pasteurisation process mainly assures a longer and better shelf life. This product is perfect for any preparations that rely on natural, fresh egg yolk.

There is always a possibility that this product is not suitable for your purpose, which is why we recommend testing it first.

*We're possible to produce this product according to the Kosher laws.

Product benefits

  • Pasteurised: salmonella-free
  • Longer shelf life because of added preservatives

Product preparation

  • Ready to use
  • Shake well, then pour


  • Egg yolks from hen’s eggs
  • Food acid (E330)
  • Preservative (E202)

Available husbandry system

  • Furnished cages
  • Indoor (barn)
  • Free-range

Packaging formats

  • 1 kg with a resealable screw cap
  • 5 & 10 kg bag in box


  • Shelf life after production: 84 days
  • Refrigerate between 0° and 4°C.

Nutritional value per 100g

  • Energy: kJ 1325/Kcal 317
  • Fats: 26.35g (Of which, 9.54g in saturated fatty acids)
  • Carbohydrates 3.58g (Of which,  0.60g in sugars)
  • Proteins: 15.81g
  • Salt: 0.12g

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