What do you expect from an egg?

There is no clear-cut answer to this question; ultimately everyone wants the same thing, but with a different set of priorities.

Impeccable quality and guarantees

Time and again your sights are set on impeccable quality, and you rigorously monitor product guarantees on food safety and the origin and welfare of chickens. Our wide spectrum of quality assurance checks and years of experience are our personal guarantee that we do our utmost to provide you with a product that completely meets your needs and requirements.

Deliciously tasty, packed with energy and nutritional!

In association with our poultry farmers, we guarantee eggs that are deliciously tasty, packed with energy and nutritious! Super short processing times and years of research into feed and processing mean that we are confident in our ability to pass this test with flying colours.

Egg convenience

Ultimately all you want is to be able to get to work right away, where and whenever you want, in the most efficient way possible so your customers can enjoy your delicious preparations. Our Cocovite egg products offer the egg convenience you’ve been looking for.
Since the inception of Cocovite, we have continuously improved our product range, developed innovative solutions and listened to and anticipated your requests.

What do you expect from an egg?

Our vision

What is our definition of entrepreneurship? And what are the values that we really prioritise?

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You can count on Cocovite, which includes our sales team, who is ready to lend a hand every step of the way.

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Our certificates

To ensure a reliable supply of first-rate egg products, we meticulously monitor every stage of our production process.

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