Cocovite presents new product at Siggi’s New Face Classic

Last weekend, Cocovite was present in Breda as a partner to Siggi’s New Face Classic. Siggi’s New Face Classic is a bodybuilding event organised by the BIFBB, the Belgian Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness.

Cocovite used the occasion of the competition to present its Egg white Ambient 500 ml. A product that is ideal for dedicated sportsmen and sportswomen, which naturally includes the athletes taking part in Siggi’s New Face Classic.

The new Cocovite protein is additive-free and what’s more can be stored at room temperature.

With this cooperation, we hope to introduce Cocovite into the sporting world. That might come as a surprise to many, but not for us. Whey proteins have long been used in the sports world, but proteins from chicken eggs still seem to be lagging behind. This is a striking observation since numerous studies have demonstrated that proteins from eggs achieve the best scores for Protein efficiency as well as in terms of net protein use. In addition, egg proteins contain all the essential amino acids needed to build and maintain muscles.

Cocovite wants to give egg proteins a more prominent position in the market. With the BIFBB, we have found an important partner in this regard.

They offer our product in their online webshop. Click here to go to the BIFBB webshop.

Source: Hoffman JR and Falvo JF, Protein – which is best? Journal of Sports Science and Medicine (2004) 3, 118-130

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